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  Kunshan youende precision mould Co., Ltd. is a system supplier of precision plastic mould integrating design, processing, production and service. It provides high quality and good price products for automobile electronics, industrial products, 3C and precision electronic components manufacturers. Based on professional mold processing, the company has a large number of precision processing equipment, such as Mikron, Muye high-speed processing There are 6 workpieces, 10 Sadik and Makino discharge motors, 10 quasi force surface grinding machines, 3 Sadik slow wire walking machines, large water mills, milling machines, etc., as well as a complete set of precision measuring equipment (Nikon projector, industrial display height gauge, haikeshong cubic element, etc.); and 10 molding machines (6 Sumitomo, 2 Haitian and 2 Baisu turntable machines). And with a professional processing team, this is our reliable basis for the supply of precision plastic products and molds, is your reliable partner!

Through the continuous efforts of all the staff of the company, the company has been growing in the past year. In the future, we need the help and support of our friends. Let the company advance hand in hand with you with excellent quality, efficient service and reasonable price, and jointly challenge the increasingly fierce market competition.