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Plastic mold



Mold rubber is a kind of silica gel used to make molds. Its vulcanization is carried out at room temperature. The main rubber component can be crosslinked by adding appropriate amount (1% - 5%) catalyst (curing agent) to form a flexible and elastic colloid. Mold manufacturers to grasp the causes of silica gel deformation, which is conducive to increase the number of mold turnover and save costs.

1、 Influence of mold liquid glue temperature

In a humid place, when the silicone rubber products are working, they will gradually deform in the process of using under humid and high temperature conditions. However, with the adaptation and decrease of temperature, the silicone products will also show slight deformation. Therefore, no matter in industry, life, whether it is in the industrial application of accessories or sealing products, in addition to artificial thought, try not to let silicone products stretch for a long time.

2、 Influence of high pressure of liquid glue in mould

Permanent deformation is caused by long-term work immobility. It is easy to deform products with hard materials under high pressure for a long time under high pressure. The higher the working pressure is, the harder the silicone rubber products are now.

3、 Effect of liquid adhesive on drawing rate of die

With the hardness and softness of a product, the winning rate of general silicone rubber can reach up to 300% (soft material), but in the process of use, excessive stretching will directly lead to deformation and loss of tensile strength, permanent deformation, so it should not be excessively stretched in the process of use, regardless of industrial products, daily necessities or silica gel accessories are the same.

In recent decades, the annual growth rate of organosilicon in China is between 8% and 15%, which is higher than the economic growth rate of many common countries, so it is widely used in China. In our life, industrial manufacturing and other major industries, the number and types of products are also increasing, and the application field is also expanding. The number of silicone products manufacturers in China is now far more than that of foreign countries. According to statistics, the number of silicone products manufacturers in China has nearly exceeded 1000 manufacturers. And how to ensure that the mold silica gel does not deform is very important! This is good for our cost savings.