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Mold high-end will become a new way of industry development


With the continuous growth of China's economy, China's mold industry is known as a global mold manufacturing country with a huge annual import and export volume. China's total import and export of molds is in a growing trend in terms of quantity, but in fact, most of the molds exported are middle and low-end products, and they have little voice in the world market. These problems restrict the sustainable development of mold industry, and have become a stumbling block in the development of mold industry.

In the past two years, many mould enterprises have realized their own problems and are actively looking for good solutions, such as intensive operation, continuous improvement of enterprise management level, improvement of overall management efficiency, reasonable optimization of department structure and improvement of employees' professional quality. However, on the whole, these enterprises still have many problems. Experts suggest that if China's mold industry wants to highlight its comparative advantages in the international mold market, it must go to the road of large-scale, digital intelligence and ecological energy-saving, and make the mold high-end become a new way for the industry to seek development.

In recent years, China's mold industry technology is still starting late, and there is a big gap with developed countries. In recent years, China's mold industry has absorbed advanced experience, advanced technology and high-level talents of foreign mold manufacturing through the introduction of foreign capital. The design and manufacturing level of China's mold industry has been greatly improved. At present, the development momentum of China's mold industry is better, and then, the machine tool industry should We should attach importance to its new development needs to achieve a win-win situation for both sides.

Under the background of deepening economic reform in an all-round way, the machine tool industry is also undergoing a comprehensive transformation. While realizing the technical innovation and product upgrading, the domestic mold industry is also actively exploring according to the market. In the same competition with the international competitors, China's mold industry gives full play to its own advantages and strives to occupy a place in the international market. So, what advantages does the domestic mold industry have over the international industry?

First, strong support from relevant national policies.

Second, the gradual improvement of infrastructure makes it possible for the growing market demand.

Third, the great opportunity of the world foundry mold industry center transfer to China and the widespread application of e-commerce also bring huge business opportunities to China's mold industry.

The fourth advantage is the low labor cost and raw material price, which makes China become the focus of attention in the current international environment.

The ability and level of mold manufacturing has become an important symbol of national innovation ability. Whether the mold manufacturing equipment is excellent or not is directly related to the level of mold technology. Therefore, it is hoped that domestic machine tool enterprises can attach importance to this potential market and provide more high-level processing equipment for China's mold industry. At present, China is in the period of industrialization, informatization, marketization and internationalization, and the economic and social structure is facing major transformation. Therefore, both mould and casting enterprises in China should rely on the development of science and technology, stimulate the vitality of enterprises, and accelerate the transformation from tracking imitation to independent innovation. At present, the development situation of domestic extrusion die industry is very good. While the technical level of the industry is gradually improved, the development scale is also increasing, and the annual industrial value is close to 200 billion yuan. Domestic mold machine tool enterprises need to understand the latest changes in the market, in view of the development status of the mold industry, research and development of relevant mold machine tools products, in order to seize the market.

Mold processing needs a variety of equipment, the situation is also different, we can start from the low-grade products, and then gradually develop to the high-end, which may be a more practical way. Although China is a big mould country, in order to achieve the goal of becoming stronger, we must vigorously develop high-quality manufacturing equipment with independent intellectual property rights. The domestic machine tool enterprises should grasp this good opportunity, in the development of China's mold industry, to insert wings for it, and really play a positive role in promoting its development.

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