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Five links of plastic mould


First, effective management of product data management, process data management, drawing document management: effective mold product data management, process data management, drawing document management, can ensure the completeness of the file, the consistency of the drawing version, so that the drawings can achieve effective sharing and effective query utilization. A complete file management computer database can be established to collect and use the design drawings, scattered, previously scattered and isolated information accumulated by the design department, so as to prevent the problems caused by the design drawing files, 2D and 3D confusion, the original, design change, maintenance version confusion, the inconsistency of 3D model and 2D drawing data, and the nonstandard and confusion of 2D drawing design Timely detection and timely correction, resulting in mold modification and rework, or even void, increase the mold manufacturing cost, extend the mold manufacturing cycle, affect delivery time.

The second is to ensure the integrity of the drawing, processing data and process, and to ensure the integrity of the drawing, processing and technology.

Third, the design and manufacturing costs of each set of plastic mold must be summarized in time: the scrapping of cutting tools can be effectively managed by effectively controlling the issuing of work vouchers in the workshop; Through accurate mold structure design, efficient mold parts processing and accurate parts detection, the additional cost of mold design change and maintenance will be effectively reduced, so as to obtain the actual cost of each set of mold, and effectively control the mold quality.

Fourth, overall planning: the planning, design, processing technology, workshop production, human resources and other information are organically organized and integrated for overall planning, so as to effectively coordinate planning and production, and effectively ensure the quality of plastic mold and delivery on schedule.

Fifthly, develop a set of complete and practical plastic mold production management system: develop a complete set of mold production management system, realize the mold production management process of product data management, process data management, plan management, progress management of computer information management system, including plastic mold production planning, mold design, process development, workshop task assignment and Product inspection, warehouse management and so on, so that the mold manufacturing and related auxiliary information from the planning to the completion of the delivery can achieve all-round tracking management.

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