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How to improve the competitiveness of China's Mold Enterprises


From the perspective of the current world economic market, under the condition of limited resources, die and mold enterprises are eager to redesign and combine the original R & D, manufacturing, marketing, service and other links. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, it is necessary to concentrate resources on specific links and virtualize other links to maximize the efficiency of mold enterprises Limited resources, quickly enhance the core competitiveness of mold enterprises.

There are a lot of competitiveness for mold enterprises to develop, such as R & D competitiveness, product competitiveness, financial competitiveness, marketing competitiveness, etc., which are the common strength of all walks of life in the market competition. What is the core competitiveness of die and mold enterprises is a long-term formation of mold enterprises, which contains inherent, unique, supporting the past, present and future competitive advantages, and enables mold enterprises to obtain active key capabilities in the competitive environment for a long time.

How to improve the core competitiveness of mold enterprises? The following three points should be done well:

1. Mould enterprises must realize informatization.

2. Mould enterprises must enhance their independent innovation ability.

3. Mold enterprises must speed up the training of talents.

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