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Plastic mold processing technology


1. Methods to eliminate dents in products

2. Methods to eliminate material shortage

3. Method of eliminating silver bar mark

4. Method of eliminating flash of products

5. Methods to eliminate deformation of products

6. Methods to eliminate cracks in products

7. Methods to eliminate stress cracking of products

8. The method of eliminating the cracks in net packing of products

9. Methods to eliminate whitening of products

10. Method of eliminating fusion mark of products

11. Method of eliminating wave current in products

12. Methods to eliminate paste spots of products

13. Method of eliminating black stripe in products

14. Methods to eliminate uneven color of products

15. Methods to eliminate poor finish of products

16. Methods to eliminate cavitation of products

17. The method of eliminating the swirling pattern of products

18. Methods of eliminating product embrittlement

19. The method of eliminating the whitening and embrittlement of broken materials

20. Methods of eliminating foreign matters in products


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