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Plastic products



Material selection of plastic products: Generally speaking, there is no bad material, only the wrong material is used in a specific field. Thermoplastic plastics are the most commonly used in injection molding. It can be divided into amorphous plastics and semi crystalline plastics. In general, semi crystalline thermoplastics are mainly used for parts with high mechanical strength, while amorphous thermoplastics are often used in case because they are not easy to bend. Thermoplastic products include unreinforced, glass fiber reinforced, mineral and glass filled products. Glass fiber is mainly used to increase strength, firmness and application temperature, while mineral and glass fiber have lower reinforcement effect and are mainly used to reduce warpage. A series of reinforcing materials, fillers and modifiers are added to some thermoplastics to change their properties. Some thermoplastic materials, especially PA6 and PA66, have strong hygroscopicity. This may have a greater impact on their mechanical properties and dimensional stability. Special attention should be paid to this performance.